Part Number: 205MHBS60K2H

Parts are RoHS compliant


Radial lead, self healing metallized polypropylene, high frequency, low impedance, electrolytic alternative, Multiple leads, small size


DC link, Switchig power supplies, induction heaters, Motor speed controls

Electrical Specifications

Capacitance: 2 uF
Dissipation Factor: 0.0006 Max at 1000 Hz and 25°C
Temperature Coefficient: -200 PPM/°C: -100 PPM/°C, 100 PPM/°C
Ripple Current: 6 A at 10 kHz - 60 kHz and +95°C
ESR: 12.9 milliOhms (typical) at 100 kHz and 25°C
Self Inductance: 1 Nanohenries maximum per mm of pitch
dvdt: 50 V/µs
  Tolerance: -10 % , +10 %
Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C
Above 85°C the rated (DC/AC) voltage must be derated at per 1.5%°C
WVDC: 1100 Volts DC
SVDC: 1265 Volts DC
VAC: 420 Volts AC

Terminal to Terminal Dielectric strength: 1.6 times the rated DC voltage when applied between the terminals for 60 seconds

  Terminal to case Dielectric strength: 3000 VAC when applied between the terminals and case for 60 seconds  
Insulation Resistance (Terminal to Terminal): 3000 MINIMUM after 100 Volts DC is applied for 60 seconds at 20°C
300 failures/billion component hours
Load Life: 60000 hours at 70°C with 100% of rated voltage
Capacitance Change: 0 of initially measured value
D.F. Change: 0 of maximum specified value
I.R. Change: 0 of minimum specified value

  Insulation resistance (Terminal to Case): N/A Megohms MINIMUM after 0 Volts DC is applied for 0 seconds at 0

Physical Dimensions

Length (L): 32 mm, .6 mm
Height (H): 24.5 mm, +/-.6 mm
Thickness (T): 15 mm, +/-.45 mm
  Lead Spacing (S): 27.5 mm, +/-0.5 mm

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